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From a website design company

Hello Turk,

As per our call today, thank you for your patience today regarding this
issue, particularly the change in categoryIDs from the mirror of HadleyHouse
to WoodenBird. We at Volusion greatly appreciate your understanding in this
issue. Despite some products not being applied to the framed categories, the
rest of the site looks great and I love the color scheme and website flow.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding this issue, please
don't hesitate to contact, by phone, chat, or ticket!

Here for you 24x7x365 - Volusion Support


From: ASR Corporation

To: Turk @ Firstclass Webs

This letter is to thank and congratulate you for your work crafting our website. As discussed
we did not want a super sophisticated look as you suggested but felt a more conservative
site was more apropo. Every one in our company as well a customers applauded your efforts.

When we spoke last Dec. you suggested we add your Super Meta Tag system to our site
and while not understanding exactly what Super Meta Tags are I decided to go ahead.
About 3 weeks after installation we started getting up to five calls a day from all parts
of the country, from Washinton to Florida, many for fleet sale information as well as
from one off buyers.The Super Meta Tags have made us into a truly national co. and have
increased our sales at least 30%. The sales department is amazed and I certainly am more
than pleased.

With warmest wishes and regards
Kurt J.Herrman Pres.
ASR Corp.

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Website Design Support and SEO Erosion Control Specialist
Website Design Support and SEO Tiles installer in the metro Madison area.
Website Design Support and SEO Samson is happy with results so far and it is only been a couple weeks! Custom Website Design
Website Design Support and SEO website previous design was creating no traffic. Custom Website Design Flash


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Contract Structure

Web Design Support and Maintenance

. Business needs analysis

. Web Site solution recommended

. Web Site design and
  functionality develop

. Ongoing site maintenance

. Custom Web Site solution to your needs

. Target marketing specialty

. Best value for money development

. On time and on budget

. Commitment to satisfaction

1. Analysis:    
    Business Needs

2. Project:      
    As per client approved Specifications

3. Recurring:   
    Ongoing maintenance dependent
    upon Web Site needs.

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. 24/7 Web Site Support

. Feature Rich and Scaleable Web Site plans

. World Class Networking Infrastructure

24/7 Web Site presence

. Self-service Web Site options

. Trusted and dependable Web Site designs

. Competitive Web Site pricing

Hosting Web Site plan dependent upon Web Site functionality needs.

Value Added Website Services

Specialized applications

. Web Site Hosting plan Customization

. Professional Web Site and Networking Services

Customizable and scalable to website needs

. Outsource expertise availability   
  without internal fixed cost

Recurring or Project:

Variable based on case by case Web Site needs                     

  • When extensive Web Site design work required. We can complete large tasks an can set availability to the companies that require my on site Web Site design skills.
  • First Class Webs LLC Web Site design support services offering to businesses is simple to communicate and difficult for our competitors to replicate!
  • We provide bundled Web Site services proposition from the initial review of your business needs, to the Web Site design through to ongoing hosting and value added services!
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