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Usually perspective clients buy domain names prior to contacting a website designer. What I advise is to use godaddy as a domain name registration platform only do not buy anything else but your domain name there. Buying a domain name is inexpensive, selecting one is most important. Many buy the business name not knowing that being found under the business name is a gimmie without registering the business name. I would write down series of words and phrases you would like to be found under on the internet searches.
Such as garage doors de so for example check on google if is available. Do not buy right away. Make a list keep the list nearby you ready to add new ones they may pop out in your head anytime. Then rate them
1 - 10 then go back in a day and re look it over. You may have different thoughts at that. You can own multiple domain names you can point multiple domain names to one website.

Then there is hosting. Hosting is where files and folders are stored on the internet representing your website similar to the computer storage system.
There are many companies out there selling this service. I use a third party a well known provider and I buy space in a large scale. My yearly cost is
135 per year allowing you all the bells and whistles out there for your advantage. One of the best tools is to be able to view statistical information about your website and how it is being found. Usually godaddy will charge an extra fee for that. This then exceeds my yearly cost alone.
Other hosting environments also have fees that you may be unaware of that also will exceed my yearly cost. The shuffle of costing out specific services can become infinite. Usually if the site is well built and also optimized there would be very little intervention required by the website designer. Cost savings!


What is the costs for building a website?
This is where we need to discuss your short term and long term goals.
Designing a website that you can log into a back end for simple changes to your website such as images or text changes. The more complex stuff can be handled by a website designer. Then how many pages do you want maybe it is 5 maybe it is 10. Usual range for a website can be 800-2000 dollars. There are many boilerplate website design systems out there such as Wordpress, Magento, Blog, Joomla. I have built in many of them. Some may be suited for what you want to do but then some are not meant for what services your products you want to sell. Some are not search engine friendly as much as they want to say they are they just do not perform as you would expect. I also have designed my own back end admin allowing the owner to make changes of their website without the complexity that Wordpress presents. If you can use a word document you would have no issue in making the simple changes.

I have taught in College level classroom and taught businesses with Microsoft office from beginners to advanced levels. College educated with multiple degrees and website design is not a hobby of mine but my bread and butter. You will learn more from me as progression happens with your website design. It is not a forced thing but by nature you will ask questions and I can readily answer them.
Even now you may be more informed than you were a bit ago. Either way you're welcome to give me a call and ask questions 612-990-3436. I am located in Saint Paul MN designed millions of webpage's! This is just a drop of the bucket of what I am capable of doing! I also personally answer calls after hours!



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