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Conference with Macromedia soon come back to hear more about what they are doing for the developers of websites now.



Our application for Federal Copyrights is approved and we now hold a Federal Certificate of Registration for our Authorship of "". We now have  indisputable legal proof that our website is federally registered and that we have specific legal rights to our work. As one of the leaders in website programming we find so many so called "Website Designers" and "Website Marketing Specialists" reuse "Copy and Paste" images titles and even full text information. Our president has been thru Business Law as a requirement couse studies with the Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems. Understanding the depth of literary use of other works of autorships. Please refer to copyright regulation and the penalty of the illegal use of literary works.


Our new advertising for the back cover of the local phonebook has been approved and waiting to be published. look on the back of the new local phonebook soon to see our new advertising and what we have planned for the future.


Did you hear our advertisement on our local radio station WBKY 95.9 FM Wisconsin's Badger Country Radio Station?

We proudly supported the advertising of our Endangered Children by sponsoring a advertisement in telling more about our Endangered Children and how we can help to find them. As a sponsor we have received a couple flyers in regards to some of the Endangered Children. If you would like to see what we have done to add our help with our Endangered Children go to and see the amber alert we posted for everyone to see.


FCW's president has been invited to VBI.BIZ next meeting to discuss the topic of  website design and the commerce tactics used for today's business. As a experienced programmer and commerce marketing specialist he will bring new and up to date information to the table. About website design and marketing of new and old business.

First Class Business's joining our website community.

We are reaching new record breaking growth. Our growth has determined a new website that will be developed for our community website designs. Since we pay for inclusive marketing on the internet of our websites this will only increase the marketing efforts to further promote the family of business's advertising and developed by First Class Webs. We are designing for City Chambers of Commerce (backend administration control panel), Financial Companies (security issues) to retail/wholesale gift sales (high volume inventory). With the use of top level programming, database design and MySQL we design for security to search ability on the internet. Find out more soon!


Renewal of Advertising on Phone Directory of Midwest Directories

We are a advertiser on the back cover of our local midwest Directories
See our new design in January with new color advertisement inside the yellow pages and on the back cover of the book. Representing our new website design being released soon!

Goggle's Web Ex Conference with First Class Webs LLC
on 7/21/04

FCW's marketing plans are now including sponsored listings with Goolge. One of the most filtered sites for premium website listings.We have recently held a private conference with Google and found out more integrating information that will help increase website hits and click thru sales. Google has stated "Investing can increase hits by 25% to 50%" with the plan that we have been working on and developed thru Google. We test the products before we advise it to our clients having proving grounds for the real time growth potentials. Contact us we can tell you more. Google was even nice enough to record our conference so we can show you what was stated.
Good Luck and Always Glad to Help,

Lower Dells Commercial Photo Shoot.

Blake Fish returned on the 20th to complete his photo shoot of the Lower Wisconsin Dells area. Blake has returned to Miami to develop and show the collection of scenic Saint Paul Minnesota and Mineapolis MN in his local galleries. If you would like to bring the scenic views of Saint Paul Minnesota and Mineapolis MN to your business or home. Contact Blake Fisher directly thru his website

Upper Saint Paul Minnesota and Mineapolis MN Commercial Photo Shoot

Successful photo shoot with Blake Fisher on the Wisconsin River along the Upper Dells. Blake took many images of the areas landscape for his gallery collection. Blake will be returning June 20 2004 for additional commercial photography of the local Saint Paul Minnesota and Mineapolis MN area before going back to Miami Florida. Business's may contact Blake for additional images of the area and request appointments with Blake.

New Business Locations Coming Soon

Opening new store locations in Wisconsin representing well designed websites with rankings prominent to most other websites designed by local website designers. Our websites are ranked highly and seen internationally. With 100's of search phrase not to mention the frequency of use with each phrase or word. Look at your statistics see the growth history.

Our Links R US policy has changed and as of 6/2/04 we will be removing unranked websites. Due to the high volume of links available and added we are not allowing any new websites with a PR of less then 4 (PR4). All sites will be reviewed for PR monthly. Our marketing of First Class Webs has increased the availably of all websites on our links with inclusive listings. FCW keeps a high standards of marketing and design for top ranking websites.

New Chambers of Commerce Membership Annual Meeting

We are a new Member of the Wisconsin Dells Visitors & Convention Bureau and encourage the growth of any community business.

As a new member we had the chance to attend the annual meeting. This was help with a most informative speaker of today's generations marketing differences. From our Parents to our children there are targeting specializations for each group. This was explained in detail in multi marketing media advantage. A well planned design and will be a positive effect for the WI Dells and surrounding community's. My hat is off to the planners and volunteers in the design and individuals running of it!!

Programming in Computer Technology Design Since 1984
First Class Webs LLC

New Membership of Saint Paul Minnesota and Mineapolis MN Visitors and Convention Bureau

New programs have been developed for business's and personal interests, see the list on our programming page. Our new program management tool for small and large business's. Allowing multiple levels of assignments and detailed management control.

See our local advertising on the back cover of Columbia County Midwest Directory.
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